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Brake Service Byford

We all know how vital a vehicle’s engine is, enabling us to move across the country at high speeds for extended periods of time. The same can be said for our everyday travels from home to work, school, the shopping centre, and anywhere we want. However, all of this would be useless if we didn’t have a way of stopping our vehicle safely and within our control, thus the revolutionary invention of modern-day brake systems.

Brakes and the associated anti-lock system allows you to bring a car to a halt with extreme precision, simultaneously helping you avoid collisions with other vehicles, objects and pedestrians. Below is more information about what we offer:

Brake Inspection

When it comes to a general brake inspection, our technicians go out of their way to ensure they haven’t missed a single thing. This is because our team is genuinely concerned with the safety of all our Australians on our roads, finding great pleasure by being able to contribute to the community in some way.

Brake Pad Replacement

Just like anything in life, brake pads reach a time when they no longer serve their purpose optimally. During our inspection, we’ll be able to tell if you require a brake pad replacement, or if the problem can be repaired without substitution. We only use premium quality parts, whether it’s the tools we use or components we add to your vehicle.

Brake Disc Replacement

When a brake disc reaches its absolute minimum thickness, it’s time for a replacement. This measurement is marked on the disc rotor outer periphery – something that may seem more straightforward to us than you. Signs of a worn brake disc include brake shudder, discs cracking and sometimes even disintegrating.

Get in Touch

If you live in the city and use your car almost every day, you’ll need to service your brakes more often than someone driving solely long distances on an interstate. Byford’s brake service will put a stop to all your known and unknown brake problems while remaining competitively priced. Find out more from a consultant on +61 8 9525 1020.