Car Maintenance Check

Routine Car Maintenance

Many people fail to recognise the sheer importance of car maintenance, taking for granted the mechanical workings of their engine, wheels, and even safety mechanisms. However, the truth is that a checkup program is the first line of defence for a variety of potential issues that usually come up in the worst of times.

At Byford Fugitive, we believe in making routine car maintenance affordable enough for Western Australians to start booking their vehicles in for a set amount of times per year. The best part is that they end up saving money by eliminating the risk of overpriced repairs and callout fees.

Every vehicle requires a checkup at a set time interval or after a certain amount of distance travelled – this is something you should find in your car’s manual. If not, we suggest bringing it in for a quick look. We do, however, recommend familiarising yourself with the owner manual to ensure you understand all the safety precautions.

Our Car Maintenance Check: We’ve put together a streamlined process that allows us to effectively examine and inspect every aspect of your vehicle within record time.

Here are some of the basic things we will have a look at:

* Oil levels

* Hoses

* Belts

* Tyre Pressure

* Wheel alignment

* Coolant or antifreeze

* Air filter

* Brake system

* Battery

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