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Byford Car Oil Change

Car Oil Change: Oil and gases make up a significantly large part of your vehicle’s internal operations, allowing for efficient lubrication of the engine (oil) and functional air conditioning units that keep us cool in the warm Australian summers.

Byford Fugitive takes pride in the following services:

Car Oil Change 

Changing your car’s oil ensures the engine stays well-lubricated and running efficiently without the threat of breakdown. Our team will remove all your engine’s old oil and replace it with a fresh batch that is free of contaminants. This can also include the engine oil filter if necessary.

Brake Fluid Change

Brake fluid is the liquid that allows a hydraulic brake system to function correctly by transferring the pressure that amplifies braking force. One can imagine the risk of fluid no longer containing its ability to apply this force, which is why a fluid inspection and replacement is so important.

Power Steering Oil

Change Similar to that of a hydraulic brake system, power steering systems rely on principles of hydraulics to make it easier for you to turn the wheel. This means that a power-assisted steering system is connected to the car’s engine as it pumps the hydraulic liquid from a reservoir to the steering box with a belt and pulley.

Power Steering Fluid

Flush A fluid flush is the process of circulating the liquid in an automobile’s steering unit to ensure optimal performance and relates directly to a power steering oil change. We’ll do all the necessary tests to determine if your vehicle requires a power steering fluid flush, including inspection of the reservoir for leaks, as well as the colour and consistency of the liquid itself.

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Byford Fugitive Auto Mechanics has years of experience working with all oil and gas applications in a variety of vehicle types. Learn more about our extensive range of services from a friendly professional today on +61 8 9525 1020 or leave us with an enquiry.