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While vehicles have dramatically changed the way we get from A to B, many of us forget the importance of a regular checkup and service. Failing to maintain your car’s potential output can result in costly repairs that could easily have been avoided, not to mention the risk of breaking down without warning.

The good news is that Byford Fugitive offers Western Australians a reliable service that guarantees customer satisfaction in both the short- and long-term. Have a look at our specialised auto services:

Byford Car Service

When it comes to vehicle servicing, our team performs every job with the same dedication and attention to detail. Not only are our mechanics highly trained, but passionate and proud about their work – whether it’s a routine service or complex, high-pressure job.

New Car Warranty servicing
We are qualified and certified and do service new cars so that full warranty is maintained. We have a focus to ensure your vehicle is maintained to so often we achieve a higher standard for you than is set by most manufacturer warranty requirements. EG. We change oils at the critical first 1500km service that is crucial for your vehicle. New Car Servicing Certified.

Diesel Service

Believe it or not, a diesel engine is less complicated than petrol engines, also offering more reliability and a longer lifespan. However, while there’s no ignition system to worry about, the fuel system needs to be given serious attention to prevent dirt and water from damaging the fuel.

Log Book Service

We believe that no work would be complete without a sophisticated log book service. Allow us to take care of your vehicle’s documentation so that everything remains in order. This is extremely helpful in maintaining a high resale value as it shows potential buyers what work has been done on the car, together with dates and service providers.

Book A Car Service in Byford

We promise to work with integrity at all times, including transparency about the costs involved. To book a service for your vehicle, get in touch with a consultant now on +61 8 9525 1020 or request a quote. If you’d prefer to meet the team in person, step into our workshop located at Unit 2 Lot 21 South Western Highway, Byford, WA.